The Dow Academy Opens
International Boarding School for the Class of 2026!

Beginning January 2022 the doors of The Dow Academy will be opening to its first class of international secondary school boarding students. The class of 2026 will be the inaugural cohort to follow the new integrated TDA curriculum which will culminate in completion of International General Certification in Education (IGCSE) and other technical and vocational qualifications as each student follows a course of study which will facilitate exploration of multiple pathways of learning and skills development. The Dow Academy will only be admitting 75 students into the Class of 2026.

Academic Excellence

Primary School

PSLE Results

2022 Candidates
Pass Rate

Secondary School

2022 Academic Results

48 points

6 students

45+ points

9 students


20 students


25 students

Setswana, Religious Studies, Physics, Ext Mathematics, History, English First Language, Commerce, Business Studies, Agriculture, Accounting

90% and higher pass rate

TDA Artists

TDA Tech Series®

What is the TDA Tech Series®?

The value The Dow Academy is bringing to basic education is the integration and development of a technical, vocational and life skills programme alongside the long established and understood academic programme currently offered in basic education institutions. We offer the skills development programmes under our TDA Tech Series® programming.

What do kids learn from the TDA Tech Series® Programs?

Leadership Development

In the 2023 installment of the TDA Tech Series®, we will be offering FREE Leadership Development workshops to our 2023 Form 1 TDA students. In this installment, students will participate in a term-long leadership development programme called ‘Growing Leaders: Habitudes.’ This will help students break out of their shells, minimize bullying by raising empathy, and create career- ready individuals as early as possible.
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TDA Prefects Leadership Mentoring

A senior business leader mentors our Prefect cohort on the fundamentals and challenges of leadership by sharing their own experiences. This is a year long commitment on both the executive and the students’ part.
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Career Conversations

Students engaged in year long career development conversation with a professional mentor and development expert. Students explore their skills, interests and long term goals to make more informed learning and career decisions.
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The TDA Media Club

Students learn the fundamentals of storytelling, character development, film and media production; the programme culminates in the creation of a media production. Please click here to see the 2020 student’s short film The Sword of Mochudi.
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Tele-Radio Station

Former TDA Students develop skills in radio and television production by running an internet TV and Radio station.
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Newspaper Production and Journalism Skills

Students learn the fundamentals of journalism and investigative reporting with the production of a series of newspapers over the academic year. Please click here to see the inaugural issue of the TDA Diamond Times.
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Graphic Novel Design

Students learn the fundamentals of drawings, character development and storytelling through the development of their own graphic novel.
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Rebuild a Desktop

Students learn how to disassemble and reassemble desktop computers, set up working computer networks, troubleshoot, fix and maintain the machines.
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Rebuild a Laptop

Students have an opportunity to take apart the laptops, learn about the component parts, fix the machines, provision them and get to take them home at the end of the programme with a small tool kit so they can maintain them.
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Computer Programming

Students are introduced to computer programming through local instructors and video conference lessons with a professor of computer science from the University of Cincinnati. Click here to meet the professor.
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The TDA Music Programme

Students are introduced to music fundamentals that include musical notes and scales, building chords, songwriting, band and choir creations, various instruments and how to have fun with music. At the end of the programme, students will take part in and produce a musical composition.
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Mechanics & Electricity

Students learn the fundamentals of the internal combustion engine through fixing real-world vehicles. The instructor is a female mechanic from Mochudi who runs a small garage in the village.
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The TDA Robotics programme will empower students to solve problems in their communities through learning the programming and building of Robots. In competitions such “The Robot Olympics”, students will also use their expertise to complete a number of challenges in a competitive environment.
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TDA Paid Youth Internship Programme

The TDA youth internship programme is a paid opportunity for our outgoing 2022 Form 5 graduates. The internship will teach students to develop skills in various areas of expertise available here at TDA, while also earning an internship stipend.
The TDA interns will learn from; The TDA Tele-Radio Station, The TDA Diamond Times Newspaper Publishing Team, The TDA Marketing Department, The TDA Graphic Design Team and The TDA Video and Audio Engineering Team.
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Artist in Residence

Professional Artists introduce students to a variety of art forms, at one of the The Dow Academy campuses through producing a commissioned art piece for the school. So far the programme has hosted a fine artist who produced a mural, a traditional Setswana master potter who made large clay pots resident at each campus. Our first 2021 artist is a master weaver who will be making traditional setswana grass baskets characteristic of the Ngamiland area.
Artist in Residence - Mr Bezuba Kaunda
Artist in Residence - Ms Thitaku Kushonya Maphaha
Artist in Residence - Mrs Mokula Mosalagae

How Can I Support The TDA Tech Series®?

  1. Sponsor a non-TDA student to join a TDA Tech Series® Program. Click here.
  2. Recycle your old desktop and laptop computers for use in our Rebuild-a-Desktop and Rebuild-a-Laptop programs. Each term the students need more machines to work on and each student keeps the laptop they have fixed. Click here.
  3. Become a TDA Tech Series® mentor. Click here to tell us more about what skill you would like to share with students in person or virtually.

School Nationalities

TDA Sports Programme

The Dow Academy Sports Programme is designed to challenge and revolutionise the way sport is undertaken at the basic education level. Some form of regular exercise and sports participation is required of each student. Beginning in 2022 sports programme will be divided into two tracks, the Intramural Track and the Student Athlete Track.

School Holiday Learning

We have begun offering a School Holiday Learning programme.

Download the 2022 TDA Tech Series® Holiday Programmes

During 2022 Term 2 Holidays, The Dow Academy through its TDA Tech Series® Programmes held a FREE 2 week holiday course in Computer Rebuilding and Computer Coding, open to both TDA and Non-TDA students.The response was successful and we will be continuing this exercise through 2023.

During the August school holiday The Dow Academy will be offering a bespoke TDA Tech Series ® programme open to interested students, irrespective of their schools. Please follow us on facebook and look out for the announcement and registration process.

During the April school holiday The Dow Academy hosted its inaugural Leadership Initiative. This was a 3 day workshop on leadership facilitated by an international group of professionals and leaders, both in person and via video conference. The programme was offered free of charge and was open to young people between the ages of 15 and 18, irrespective of where they go to school.

TDA Carats - Our Dream

TDA Carats is the currency used by students. It is earned through work valued by our school community and self identified by students. Carats are banked, earn interest, loaned and are redeemable on campus to support learning about financial literacy.

Help us build it

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

A parent–teacher association is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. Examples of involvement can be hosting our students in your work environment, sharing your unique skills to show our students career opportunities, volunteering in school activities or leading fundraising initiatives.


2022 Prefects & Monitors

Following a robust campaign and election process, the TDA student body has spoken. We present the 2022 Prefect & Monitor Cohort.

2020 Prefect Leadership Mentor

Thebe Modikwa

Acting Chief Executive Officer at
Metropolitan Life of Botswana Limited

2021 Prefect Leadership Mentor

Kushatha Moswela

Kushatha Moswela

Managing Director at Old Mutual Short Term Insurance