“Se are se tlogelwa tsatsing, se ikise moriting.””

“If one needs to, they will solve their own problems”

Setswana proverb



Do right and own your journey.


It is the highest calling in all our endeavours to dare to look within, draw on that, and bring it into the world.



It takes a village to raise a child.

Activities & Clubs

TDA Sports Programme

The Dow Academy Sports Programme is designed to challenge and revolutionise the way sport is undertaken at the basic education level. Some form of regular exercise and sports participation is required of each student. Beginning in 2022 sports programme will be divided into two tracks, the Intramural Track and the Student Athlete Track.
In line with Covid-19 protocols TDA currently offers exercise drills for football, cricket, athletics etc and individual sporting activities such as tennis until such time as the restrictions are lifted.

School Holiday Learning

We have begun offering a School Holiday Learning programme. As the Covid-19 restrictions ease we will be expanding our offering to include more non-TDA students and putting in place a full holiday learning programme schedule.

Download the 2022 TDA Tech Series® Holiday Programmes

During 2022 Term 2 Holidays, The Dow Academy through its TDA Tech Series® Programmes held a FREE 2 week holiday course in Computer Rebuilding and Computer Coding, open to both TDA and Non-TDA students.The response was successful and we will be continuing this exercise through 2023.

During the August school holiday The Dow Academy will be offering a bespoke TDA Tech Series® programme open to interested students, irrespective of their schools. Please follow us on facebook and look out for the announcement and registration process.

During the April school holiday The Dow Academy hosted its inaugural Leadership Initiative. This was a 3 day workshop on leadership facilitated by an international group of professionals and leaders, both in person and via video conference. The programme was offered free of charge and was open to young people between the ages of 15 and 18, irrespective of where they go to school.

TDA Carats - Our Dream

TDA Carats are used to support learning about financial literacy and the value and challenges of participating in the economy. TDA Carats are your campus money. You can earn Carats by volunteering and taking responsibility to help the school community. To learn more about how you can earn and spend TDA Carats watch the video!

Help us build it

Primary School Gallery

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Secondary School Gallery

See what you and your friends are up to! If you would like to share any of your photos from your school event, click on the contribute button below!

2022 Prefects

Following a robust campaign and election process, the TDA student body has spoken. We present the 2022 Prefect Cohort.

2020 Prefect Leadership Mentor

Thebe Modikwa

Acting Chief Executive Officer at
Metropolitan Life of Botswana Limited

2021 Prefect Leadership Mentor

Kushatha Moswela

Kushatha Moswela

Managing Director at Old Mutual Short Term Insurance