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Being able to act not-withstanding
challenging and/or frightening
events and situations.


An individuals ability to personally interpret experiences, discover new possibilities and create solutions that are novel, useful and valued by the world around them.


An individual’s capacity to work with other people in a process that requires interdependence to solve a problem, achieve a goal or complete a task.

Welcome to The Dow Academy. We are a private daycare, preschool, primary, and secondary international school located in Mochudi, Botswana.

The value we are offering to our parents and students is our innovative model of integrating and continuously developing technical, vocational and life skills alongside the long established academic programme currently offered in basic education institutions across the world.
Our objective is to graduate students who at 18 years old can meaningfully contribute to society.

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Growing problem solvers.


Reimagining education to nurture well-rounded global citizens who build sustainable communities.

Preschool: Ages 2 – 6 Years Old

Here at The Dow Academy Reception Campus, we offer daycare from age 2 years, pre-school, and holiday programs. Our little ones spend fun-filled days learning through play and interaction with the world around them! Our dedicated Reception Campus offers a safe and interactive learning space with a nutritious breakfast and lunch provided.

Primary School: Ages 6 – 13 Years Old

Experience a vibrant and engaging day in the life of a student at The Dow Academy Primary School.

The school day is designed to nurture the whole child. From an engaging and dynamic school curriculum, to sports and physical activity, life skills and creativity, and the STEAM+ TDA Tech Series® programming, our TDA Diamonds are preparing for the future.

Secondary School: Ages 13 – 18 Years Old

Experience an amazing and productive day in the life of a Secondary School student at The Dow Academy.

The school day at the Secondary School campus is tailor-made to prepare the teenager for life as a tertiary student.

The day starts with the school curriculum, delivered by experienced teachers. In the afternoon we have sports and creative activities, such as TDA Tech Series® programmes in the form of The TDA Newspaper, TDA Tele-Radio and TDA Entrepreneurship programmes.

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TDA The School of STEAM+

Welcome to TDA, The school of STEAM+. In striving to be a breeding and nurturing ground for your child’s creativity we present ourselves as The school of STEAM+.

We accomplish our STEAM+ initiative through our TDA Tech Series® programmes including TDA Rebuild a Laptop, TDA Music, TDA Media club, TDA Robotics, TDA Computer Coding, TDA Entrepreneurship, and TDA Newspaper and Journalism.

The Future is Now!

In Botswana, basic education prioritises and rewards academic performance. However, on average, less than 13% of high school graduates in Botswana achieve 6 Cs or better.

Without the integration of a robust and relevant skills programme, basic education will continue to fail to prepare the ~90% of the students who begin Secondary School for the next stage in their life journey.

We do things a little differently at The Dow Academy, because here, The Future is Now!

Living Our Values

Mr Bezuba Kaunda
TDA Academy

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